I arrived at San Francisco airport this afternoon, expecting to melt in the record-breaking heat wave that has Californians worrying about rolling blackouts. But instead of a scorcher, I found myself reaching for my jean jacket. A seriously cool, brisk wind blew in over the bay. While my Oakland-based dinner companions assured me it was 10 degrees hotter on the other side of the water, it’s in the mid-60s now and was a pleasant 74 when we landed.

While I’m sure you’re fascinated by an up and close weather report, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing in San Francisco. I’m here to attend the Inman Connect conference, which starts tomorrow afternoon.

For the past decade (or more!), Brad Inman (founder and publisher of www.inman.com) has been putting together real estate people and the techology folks who build Internet solutions for them. The panels I’m moderating tomorrow are on mapping and converting Internet leads into customers. I’ll report on details from these sessions and others in this blog over the next few days.

FYI FOOD TIP: I ate dinner at an excellent Italian restaurant tonight. If you’re looking for a good place just a few blocks away from the Palace Hotel (where the conference is taking place), check out Umbria. I had an excellent plate of veal with a mushroom wine sauce.

July 26, 2008