If you’ve ever wanted to drive a fancy car, now might be your golden opportunity.

Thanks to nervous car dealers who are doing everything they can to get you into a new car, there are plenty of great used cars for sale.

If you covet a fancy car, like a BMW, Mercedes, or Jaguar, there are real deals to be had — buy one that’s a year or two old and you might get it for 40 or 50 percent off the list price.

Most fancy cars come with the original factory warranty plus you can buy an extended warranty to cover the car up to 7 years. If you buy a 2-year old car, you can get at least 5 more years of coverage.

In terms of saving money, buying a used car and keeping it for 5 to 7 years is as good a deal as buying a new car and keeping it for 10 to 12 years. But if you want to drive an expensive vehicle, it’s your best buy.

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