On the show today, Bob asked me what to do about finding a manager for his “millions” of dollars sitting in a money market account. I told him that if I had that kind of cash, I’d go to the list of the top financial advisors in the country, pick one of those and sit down for a meaningful conversation.

The list I was thinking of was published by Worth Magazine (/www.worth.com) but I’m not sure they still publish it. I know it was published as recently as 2004, but I couldn’t find a link to it online. So, you may have to either order a back issue, or go to your local library to see if you can find the article.

Forbes (www.forbes.com) and Fortune (www.fortune.com) also often talk about top money managers but I don’t know if they do any sort of ranking. I was disappointed (but not surprised) that this list wasn’t posted online. Worth was taken over by the Robb Report some time ago and I think the website makes it hard to find things like this list. They’re taking names for the top 100 wealth attorneys right now. The list I want (and that Bob) wants is probably there, but I can’t access it.

Aug. 6, 2006