I am so glad that I wasn’t at Heathrow waiting for my plane to take off today. Having returned from Heathrow on July 5th, I only have to shut my eyes to imagine what it would be like having flights cancelled, and no access to baggage.

When I was at the London Heathrow airport, going through security, I thought about how much more civilized it is than in the US. No one asked me to take off my shoes, or my coat. And we weren’t patted down or put through the “blower” x-ray machine. ..

I’m quite sure it won’t be quite so civilized anymore.

Meanwhile, I’ll be heading to the airport 2 to 3 hours early for my flight on Saturday. If you’re traveling this week, it’ll be important to know exactly what’s going on. Here’s a link to the most recent announcement of the changing travel policies within the TSA:


You should be able to get the latest press releases by going to that page and clicking on “press releases” on the left nav column.

Aug. 10, 2006.