Every year, WSB holds a 36-hour Care-A-Thon to benefit the AFLAC Children’s Cancer Center. What we’re trying to do is cure cancer in kids.

We’re on the air non-stop for 36 hours, and you can listen live at www.wsbradio.com.

Folks, I don’t often ask you to open up your wallets, but curing cancer in kids, well, its hard to beat that. So, if you’ve saved any money through the advice you’ve received through my columns, radio talk show, books or this website, please consider giving a portion of those savings back through the Care-a-Thon.

Call now, 1-888-750-2772. Thank you for your support.

I’ll be on the air tonight answering your house questions from 7 to 10pm (EST) tonight with gardening guru Walter Reeves, so tune in online.

Aug. 24, 2006.