There’s been a lot of talk through the years that Baby Boomers are going to receive trillions of dollars of cash when their parents die. But new research shows that the expected windfall may not actually materialize in your bank account.

As of 2004, just 20 percent of Baby Boomers said they had received a bequest, and the median value of the inheritance was $49,000. Where is all the money going?

Apparently, parents are spending their cash, rather than passing it down to their children and grandchildren. Parents are living longer, and then are sharing the wealth among more children and grandchildren.

Nursing home and health care expenses are eating up much of a seniors net worth, experts say. And traditional pensions that paid a monthly amount throughout retirement have been downsized or eliminated.

So if you’ve been spending more than you’re saving for retirement, hoping you’ll hit the jackpot with an inheritance, you might want to rethink where your money goes.

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