There are some amazing deals to be had if you’re looking for a back-to-school computer for yourself of your child.

In this morning’s paper, Office Depot ( is offering an HP Pavilion Desktop Computer with Intel Celeron D 352 Processor, monitor and all in one printer for — $99!

CompUSA is offering a fantastic deal on a Presario Computer featuring an AMD Sempron Processor 3200 for $179 (these deals are after savings and rebates). The monitor is sold separately. But you can buy a 19″ monitor for less than $200.

I’m on the air today, with the Ilyce Glink Show. I hope you’ll join me for more news and information. We’re on at a new time, 12-2EST, because WSB runs Bulldog Brunch on Sunday mornings through the football season (WSB is the home of the Georgia Bulldogs). You can listen to the show online at

I’ll also be filling in for Clark Howard tomorrow 1-4 EST for a special Labor Day show. Yes, I’ll be working on Labor Day. I hope you can join me for a look at the state of labor in America, tomorrow on Labor Day.

Sept. 3, 2006.