I got this email from one of my radio show listeners.

You gave out the best sites for telephone service for small businesses. I was driving and could not write them down. Will you please send them to me? This was on your Sunday, September 17, 2006, show.

She’s not the only one. Here is the answer for everyone who has emailed.

To receive faxes as emails, try www.efax.com. You get a certain number of pages free each month, and then for a small fee, you can get unlimited faxes each month. For cheap toll-free numbers, try www.kall8.com or www.evoice.com. To set up Web sites on the cheap, try Homestead Technologies or Yahoo! If you need a quick store, try Yahoo merchant solutions.

If you have any other great, cheap resources for entrepreneurs, please post them here in the comments section. Thanks.

Published: Sep 21, 2006