Q: Our son bought us a home two years ago. When he sold our previous home, he kept all the proceeds from the sale.

This home he bought us was to be our retirement home. Now, he wants to evict us from the home.

We have no written agreement on this home, just his word when he purchased it for us. He has told us since purchasing this home for us that if anything were to happen to him this home would be paid off and enough money set aside to pay the taxes on it for the rest of our lives.

What should we do? If we get evicted, we’ll have nowhere to go.

A: Gather up whatever documentation you have to prove your side of the case. The most important thing you can do now is to find a very good real estate attorney as soon as possible. Show him your documentation and see what legal options are available to you.

I’m sorry that your son has turned out to be such a lousy guy. In some ways, knowing that he’s not the honorable son you thought he was is even worse than what he is trying to do to you now.