On the show this morning, we talked about the new USDA estimate of how much it’ll cost to raise your child: $279,000 from birth to age 17. Does that seem like a lot? Maybe for some, but the Wall Street Journal estimated that some families will spend more than a million bucks over the same time period per child, depending on how many extras (like braces, online SAT preparation, pets, and even buying bottled water for 17 years) you pay for. We took a lot of calls about this on the show today.

Other topics on the show today:

Costco changed its return policy this week for electronics. www.costco.com/Service/FeaturePageLeftNav.aspx?ProductNo=11204333

Here’s Costco’s return policy: Read the Yahoo story here: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/070226/costco_returns.html?.v=2

And, if you’re having trouble selling your house, you might want to try a St. Joseph statue. There are 1.3 million links if you put “selling st. joseph” into Google.

Hope you can tune in.

Mar. 4, 2007