Today’s New York Times examines the new TGI Friday’s “Right Size” Program. They’ll offer significantly smaller portions of your favorite dishes for about 30 percent less money.

Is this something that you’d try? (TGI Friday’s is hoping to make up the difference in volume — in other words, more people ordering smaller but still profitable plates of food = more profits)

Well, listeners of my Ilyce Glink Show had PLENTY to say about this topic this morning — the lines were jammed for the first hour. Not a single caller had a bad thing to say about the program, and everyone likes having more choice when it comes to portions.

What do you think? Would choose a smaller portion for a smaller price? Weigh in and let me know.

Here’s what one listener had to say:

When the retired waitress called, she said that old people are on a fixed income. Who is not on a fixed income? Why do people think when you are working your income is not fixed? Retirees can get a job. Also why do people think old people are poor, some of the wealthist people I know are over 60.

Also not all waiter/waitresses cheated the goverment. She may have, I did not.

Enjoy your show.

March 25, 2007.