Q: I am a high school science teacher and coach and Ive spent the last 15 years investing in real estate in a specific market: vacation and resort areas.

My first investment was a one bedroom loft at Boyne Highlands golf/ski resort in northern Michigan and my most current investment is a 5-bedroom, 5-bath house with a pool in a community just 1.5 miles from Disney World’s front gates, in Orlando.

I’m interested in teaming up with a professional writer who could help me write some articles and possibly a book on the do’s and don’ts of real estate investing in this specific niche.

If you’re interested, or know of anyone who might be interested in teaming up with me, would you please contact me? Thank you for your time, and I enjoy reading your work.

A: I don’t know if you’ve been to the bookstore recently, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of titles on investing in real estate. Many of these writers have bought hundreds of properties over the years.

I don’t say this to discourage you, but unless you’ve done something really amazing with your investing, or if you’re on local television each week or have some other sort of regular media platform, it will likely be difficult to sell your book idea to a mainstream publisher — particularly now, when we’re in a bit of a real estate slump.

That said, you never know who will like you and your book idea. And, if writing a book is your “dream come true” (after becoming a real estate investment mogul), then you should by all means pursue it.

To find a real estate writer, you might check with your local journalism organization, or contact the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ.org) or National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE.org) for a referral.