Sherry called the show to weigh in on the new Medicare policy. Here’s her horrifying story:

She had a total hysterectomy, and the wound started oozing. The doctor checked out the wound, pulled on the stitches, which unraveled completely. She left Sherry on the gurney. Sherry says she went into shock, fell off the gurney, injuring her neck (C2 to C6), and after a lot of legal wrangling, it was determined that it was bad judgement, but not malpractice.

Jeez! Makes you wonder what exactly qualifies for malpractice….

Meanwhile, Sherry points out that she has had several additional surgeries on her neck, and because it wasn’t considered malpractice, she has had to pick up her own tab instead of the doctor paying for this.

How would the new Medicare policy change handle this?

August 19, 2007