There’s nothing worse than getting robbed while on vacation. It can ruin your memories of the trip, not to mention all the time you’ll waste getting new paperwork and money.

One of my favorite travel websites,, offers some excellent tips in the current issue for keeping your money safe. Some of their ideas include wearing a hidden travel pouch, keeping your documents on your person at all times (even while sleeping), and making sure no one sees you entering in your PIN number with your ATM card.

One of my own personal travel tips is to keep a copy of your passport and all credit cards at home, or with someone you trust at home. That way, if something happens and your information is stolen, you can call home (collect, if need be) and someone can give you the information you need. You should also keep a copy of the toll-free (800) numbers for each of your credit cards tucked away in your baggage. That way, you’ll have the numbers handy that you’ll need to call if your wallet is stolen.

August 30, 2007