It’s Labor Day and I’ll be filling in for Clark Howard on WSB radio (listen live at today from 1 to 4pm EST.

On today’s show, I’m planning to talk about a report that is being published by the Federal Reserve that says credit scores vary “substantially” among racial and ethnic groups but have made credit more available for major consumer purchases such as a home.

It’s interesting to think about why credit scores for blacks and hispanics might be lower than credit scores of whites. We’ll talk about some of the reasons for this on today’s show and I invite you to call in (404-872-0750 or 1-800-WSB-TALK) with your thoughts.

I’m also planning to talk about investing, specifically James Stewart’s column in this month’s SmartMoney. The magazine is already out of date (one of the problems with publishing a magazine is the long lead time). He recommends American Home Mortgage as an undervalued asset.

So we’ll talk about the need to keep on top of current trends and where you can go to get great information. Please post your favorite investing links here. I’ll move them over to the Think Glink Forum for permanent residence.

As for Labor Day, a lot of folks are working — including me. I hope you’ll be able to join me as I sit in for Clark Howard today.

Sept. 3, 2007.