We’re off and running, talking about the news of the net job loss in August. Payrolls fell by 4,000 jobs, the first time that’s happened in 6 years. As a result, the stock market is off and now everyone is talking about how the Federal Reserve will have to lower interest rates.

Which is what we’ve been predicting all year — interest rates will drop by the end of the year — maybe as much as a point.

We’re also talking about Steve Jobs stunning letter on his website today addressing the price drop of the iPhone and what he’s going to do for everyone who bought one in the past 10 weeks. That’s some price break. Good things are coming for the holiday sales. You can just tell retailers will do everything and anything to get shoppers through the stores.

NOAA scientists announced that the artic ice is melting faster than expected. We’ll talk about what to do if your CFC lightbulbs burst.

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I hope you can join us.

Sept. 7, 2007.