If you’re a single woman and debating whether to become a home buyer you’re not alone. It’s no longer unusual for women to buy homes by themselves. Still, it’s good to be prepared for the possibility of discrimination when you are buying a home.

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I’m Ilyce Glink with Expert Real Estate Tips dot net. You know, it used to be taboo for single women to buy homes by themselves. That’s no longer the case. Some real estate professionals even specialize in working with single women of all ages.

Graphic: One in five homebuyers is a single woman.

In fact, according to the joint center for housing studies at Harvard, one in five home buyers is a single woman and twice as many unmarried women are buying homes compared to unmarried men.

While most of the time, it doesn’t matter when you’re male or female when buying a home, there’s one issue where it does matter – security.


For some single women, buying a home alone means focusing on security. You’ll want to look for homes with sturdy locks, indoor or attached parking, and if you’re buying a condominium unit, a unit that’s probably off the first floor.

But you should also use find out about crime in the area. You can go to your local police department and look on the internet. But don’t underestimate the power of driving around a neighborhood, and even through the alleys. That’s how you’ll feel more security about the neighborhood and the home that you’re buying.

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For real estate agents, unmarried women and home buyers in their 20s, those are the growth areas of the real estate industry. Providing information that will help them feel more secure about the process and about the neighborhood in which they’re looking is a win-win scenario for everyone.

For more information about buying and selling a home, visit my Web site, Expert Real Estate Tips dot net. I’m Ilyce Glink.