When you buy a home you must always consider location. Location, location, location may be a trite saying but there’s something to it. Location affects which home you buy and who buys it from you in the future.

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Real estate agents like to say that the value of a home is based on three things: location, location, location. Sounds like a punch line, doesn’t it?

What agents like to say is that location isn’t just about the city or town in which a home is located. It’s also about the neighborhood, block and even where on the block a house is located.


If you’re looking at a condo, the location doesn’t just refer to the block the condo is on, but * where * in the building the condo is located. Penthouses typically cost a whole lot more than condos on the second floor. Condos with views are typically worth a whole lot more than condos that look into another brick wall.

When thinking about location, you’ll want to look at traffic patterns, crime statistics, how well your neighbors are taking care of their property – all of these things factor into how much location matters.

You might not mind, but what you’ll find is that some locations will make it harder to sell your home later on. So think about how many other people will like the location you’ve chosen.

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