Q: You once recommended two good landlord books. I’d like to pick them up, but I don’t remember the names of the books.

I am currently the landlord on 20 properties. Thanks for your help.

A: Twenty investment properties? Good for you! By now you must know enough to write your own books on becoming a real estate investor.

There are a lot of books out on the market that purport to help you flip properties successfully, and make millions of dollars with nothing down. But in general, I like any book by Robert Irwin (he’s written more than 60 real estate books), and I like the Millionaire Real Estate Landlord (and sequels) by Robert Shemin.

Both of these authors’ books are widely available. You might also benefit from browsing around on the Nolo Press website (www.nolo.com) to see if some of their tax titles for landlords might help as well, although I’m sure you have a bunch of pros helping you at this point.