Don’t forget to tune into WSB radio this afternoon. I’ll be filling in for Clark Howard today from 1p to 4p EST, and again on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.

On the show today, we’ll look at the following issues:

  • New numbers showing that the number of home resales and home prices has fallen again. Also, inventories are up.

  • What are builders doing? They’re offering zero down loans, incentives, and anything they can think of to get rid of houses that they’ve built and that haven’t sold. Would a zero down loan plus incentives make you want to buy a house?

  • It’s insane, the price of a barrel of oil is up. The stock market is down. And it cost me $4.13 to fill up my tank with regular unleaded in Chicago this week. In some places, gas prices are approaching $4.50. Are you driving for Memorial Day weekend? I hope you’re not going far. It might be cheaper to fly.

  • Except if you’re checking baggage. American Airlines announced it’ll cost you $15 to check your first bag and more if you’re checking a second. They can’t keep up with the price of oil either. Swallow hard and plan to spend even more lost time at the airport.

  • Speaking of which, people are wasting tons of time waiting in lines at the airport: Security, baggage check-in, getting onto the airplane, getting off the airplane — and then, a fair number of planes are now more than 15 minutes late in getting to the gate. We’ll have the numbers and talk about what I think will happen when you fly this summer. (Glad I don’t have too many trips planned!!)

  • Finally, have gas prices got you down? Are you cancelling any plans you might have had to drive somewhere this summer? We’d like to hear from you today on the show. Either comment here or call the show (404-872-0750) between 1p and 4p and let us know if your plans have changed.

Hope you can tune in!

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May 23, 2008.