As Ilyce discussed on the Clark Howard Show–

In addition to charging fees for checking bags American Airlines has increased its fee to change tickets from $100 to $150, the Wall St. Journal reports today. And United may charge you as much as $300 to change a ticket. And those fees may come on top of fare change differences.

American also raised the price to carry a pet onboard to $100, up from $80. If you let your frequent flier miles expire it will cost you $150.

I just had this happen with US Airways. They told me I could pay $100 to reinstate my miles but I have a year to do it. I’m weighing my options.

WSJ’s Scott McCartney suggests considering shipping your luggage with FedEx or UPS instead of taking it on the plane with you. He might be right. You might even have a better chance of getting it there on time and safely. Just for kicks you could go to their Web sites and price your bags.

May 27, 2008.