We’ve had an amazing response to our query today: How are you spending your rebate check?

Here’s what some of our callers said about how they’re going to spend their money:

Darlene got $600, and even though she used Turbo Tax to file her tax return, requesting direct deposit, she got a paper check.

Fred said he wasn’t getting a check. He pays AMT and feels that anyone who gets a check and buys a TV with it is actually getting a gift from him. Ron echoed that sentiment.

Bill got $105 because he was at the upper end of the income limit. He had back problems, so he used the check for several lawn trimmings.

Alan got $1,200 and paid off debt.

Jennifer got $2,100 and used it to pay her mortgage, property taxes and bills.

Kevin is getting $150 and thinks he’ll use it to fill up his gas tank twice.

Ann wanted to know how to check to see if her 18-year old would get a check. I told her to go to www.irs.gov to look it up. Her son wants to use it to fix his truck after hitting a deer. (Ouch!)

Diane got $1,200 and sent the entire amount to prepay the loan on her car, which the credit card company wrongly applied all to the interest owed. She’s “educating” them.

David got $1,800. He has six kids and paid down his credit card debt.

Jenny got $3,000 (she also has six kids) and used some toward food, and to pay bills. She got caught up on all of her bills and then some.

Jackie got $924 and used it to buy a new bike and bike trailer for her toddler. She loves it!

Don got $1,200 and is using it to pay down debt.

Norma is expecting $900 and wanted to know when she’d get her check.

Mike got $2,100, and is taking an RV vacation with his kids. The trip was paid for already, but this will help with gas (it’ll cost roughly $600 for gas for the 1,500 mile trip) and extras.

What are you doing with your rebate? Contribute to the conversation here.

June 1, 2008