You’d think that a longtime television reporter and radio talk show host like me wouldn’t get nervous about appearing on a big show like Oprah, the Today Show, or Good Morning America. But the truth is, even if you put in 10 years in local television, it isn’t anything like a big national show.

The producing is generally wonderful, extremely thorough and inventive. I can’t say enough good things about the folks I’ve been working with at GMA. There’s an energy that’s palpable and infectious.

Meanwhile, I’ve cleaned my house top to bottom, mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, and prayed for sunshine (it’s trying really hard to be sunny here today). The crew will be here at 11am to set up. My makeup is done, outfit chosen, and husband and kids shooed out.

Is anyone really going to know that my bathtub is clean? Only me!

Forty minutes to go. I’m passing the time sitting in on the Dave Baker show on WSB radio. We’re talking about the housing market.

June 7, 2008