I emailed my investment advisor Friday morning, when the stock market looked like it was melting down.

I had emailed him earlier in the week when the market had taken a dive and asked him if we shouldn’t be taking more of the cash in our investment accounts and put it into the stock market. “Good idea,” he replied, except that it was already 2pm, and I have to let him know by 1pm CST if I want to make a change.

Friday morning, I emailed him first thing. “Today’s the day. Take whatever cash is available and plug it into our pre-determined fund mix.”

Sure enough, the market melted down nearly 400 points to 12,209.81.

This is what’s known as a buying opportunity, folks. It doesn’t mean that the stock market won’t fall further, but we’re now down nearly 15 percent from the stock market high.

We’re going to talk about how to get over the emotional roadblocks when it comes to investing in a recession and why the stock market is probably a great choice for the next 20 years and beyond.

June 8, 2008