According to a summer safety alert from the National Propane Tank Association, Methamphetamine users have discovered that they can take propane tanks, drain them and fill them with something called anhydrous ammonia.

When the Meth labs are finished with the propane tanks, they return them to the store. What happens next is really scary. The propane tanks are refilled, and then folks like us buy them and start cooking on them.

But according to the NPTA, if your tank has anhydrous ammonia traces in it, it could turn into a huge explosion! Here’s the news alert from the NPTA. Take care when grilling this summer.

Subject: Summer Safety Alert

Methamphetamine cooks are buying propane tanks from the exchanges at, Kroger, etc. and emptying them of the propane gas. Then they fill the propane tanks with anhydrous ammonia, which they now have a recipe to cook Methamphetamine. After they are finished with the propane tanks, they return them to the store. The stores refill the tanks with propane gas, unknowing to them the improper substance that was inserted in the tanks and sell them to their consumers. Anhydrous ammonia is very corrosive and weakens the structure of the tank. It can be very dangerous when mixed with propane gas and hooked up to a grill, recreation vehicle, etc.

You should inspect the propane tank for any blue or greenish residue around the valve areas. If there are evidences of these substances, do not purchase the propane tank and advise the vendor of your findings.

The information was researched, and you should check out the following website for more details. They also have pictures for you to view.

June 15, 2008