There’s still time to file your 2007 taxes if you haven’t. Even if you don’t normally file you should so that you can get a stimulus check from the government.
More than 16,000 Atlanta residents can still get a stimulus check if they file their taxes, according to Liberty Tax Service. The deadline to file 2007 taxes, if you haven’t yet, is October 15.
Collecting the documents and preparing your taxes may not be one of your favorite things, but it may be a little bit less painful this year when you get your stimulus check. You can think of your stimulus check as incentive to prepare your tax return. And if you’re unclear you can get a tax service to do it. Just make sure that the tax prep fee is reasonable.
Among those who may not normally file taxes are low-income workers, Social Security recipients and those who receive benefits from Veterans Affairs. If you had at least $3,000 in qualifying income in 2007 you’re eligible to get $300 for an individual or $600 for a couple in stimulus money. Qualifying income includes Social Security income, Railroad Retirement benefits, veterans benefits, and money from salary, tips, wages and self-employment, according to Liberty Tax.

June 24, 2008.