It’s been a tough week for the financial markets. The Dow Jones index lost about 3 percent of its value. The stock market is down more than 9 percent for the year (2008), and we’re just teetering on the edge of an official bear market (market is down 19.9 percent from its high; 20 percent below the high is an official bear market).

We haven’t seen the stock market this low since 2006, and in many ways — except for the price of oil — it does feel like we’re really rolling back the clock in other ways as well.

We’re going to dissect this on the show today and talk about the TransUnion settlement, that entitles about 160 million Americans to get free credit report monitoring (shortcut: go to or call 866-416-3470 to see if you qualify), and discuss what’s happening in the economy and why we may not get out of this mess until 2010.

And, of course we’ll be answering all of your call on today’s show. I hope you can join us. Listen live online at or call toll-free 800-WSB-TALK.
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June, 29, 2008.