Jason, a 22-year old listener, called the show to complain that he was 3 months late on an $850 credit card debt, and his credit card company called his mom to tell her. She call him and gave him heck.

He’s mad at the credit card company for violating the law. I agreed that they did, but I told him that the real lesson here is that he can NEVER not pay a credit card bill for 3 months because he’s just trashed his credit history and score. That’s the real lesson.

Do you agree? Here’s what one listener said:

Just wanted you to know that I turned off the radio while you were berating a young man who called in to ask you for your advice. He was asking why a credit card company called his parents to harass them about a debt that he incurred. He is an adult and they violated the fair debt collections act for doing this. Yes, he was late on his payment. No, he is not proud of that fact. But this is the reason that collectors act so outrageously and illegally!! They get what they want when they behave this way. They should not be allowed to get away with these ridiculous acts. Shame on YOU Ilyce for missing the point of the call all together. A fan you will have to win back.