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We’ll be talking about the housing bill, as well as some new statistics that reflect how pessimistic (and yet optimistic) people are about the housing market.

And, have you heard? There’s a new brand launching in real estate (which just goes to show you how optimistic real estate professionals are every day. We’ll talk about that and how you should choose a real estate professional on the show.

And, we’re driving less — which is good. But that also means less money for needed infrastructure. We’ll talk about the relationship between driving and road dollars.

But just because you drive doesn’t mean you need to use gas. An Israeli entreprenuer intends to have Israeli’s off the oil grid by giving everyone a free electric car to use. How will that work? We’ll go through the numbers.

We’ll also have stock market updates, and a discussion on investing in a down market. And, Team Clark will be on hand to answer all of your questions on today’s Clark Howard Show.

I hope you can join us.