Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce talked again about how important it is to choose a 1031 exchange third party administrator who takes security very seriously. You can find out what questions to ask a prospective 1031 exchange third party intermediary by clicking here.

Also, are you looking to sell gold jewelry? Gold bars? Gold coins? I’d look local, talking to your local jeweler about weighing your jewelry and buying it for the value of the gold. ( has an excellent story on the issue.

And, have you ever wanted to run a criminal background check but didn’t want to pay for it? A new website,, launched providing the ability to search by name through the criminal archives of all 50 states and 3,500 counties. The website is owned by PeopleFinders, based in Sacramento, Ca., and the company admits that the information is only as good as the databases on which it is drawn. And you might find that something like a speeding ticket is classified as “criminal,” even if you went to traffic school to have that expunged from your record. So be careful when assessing information from this site.

Published: Aug 3, 2008