Nancy called in to ask what she should do. Her employer is behind on wages and then moved her to commission-only but hasn’t paid that either. She finally decided to leave and wants to know if she can collect unemployment.

I suggested she contact the Department of Labor (, which takes a dim view of companies that don’t pay employees.

Here’s a response from another listener who is a little further down this path:

I am further along in the employer did not pay me porblem. just mentioned on your show.

GA dol says if they dont have money your are sol.

i did bar assotion recommendation. lawyer biled me more than it was worth.

on employer not paying taxes to gov. lawyer said gov will do notihing dont bother them they are too busy

sued company in fulton county superior court for back wages and other torts.

company looks at this like it is just more time that they DO NOT HAVE TO PAY. WHEW.

GETTING JUDGEMENT means they still dont have to pay.

company wins.
employee looses.”

I suggested Nancy chat with a labor attorney. She may also owe taxes on the wages she did receive if her employer didn’t pay those. Does anyone else have any suggestions for her?

Published: Aug 10, 2008