Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce talked about Integrity Bank, the Alpharetta, Ga.-based bank that failed on Friday. It was the 10th bank to fail this year. Regions Financial Corp has assumed the assets of Integrity Bank and all of its 5 branches will reopen on Tuesday as Regions Bank branches, according to the FDIC. Ilyce answered questions about CDs held by Integrity and also how to find out ratings information on banks. She also talked about the skyrocketing numbers of mortgage loan fraud that took place in the second quarter of the year, and answered questions on credit card debt charged up by an ex-spouse, whether it’s a good idea to finance the purchase of a new car using a check from a credit card company, how to calculate the profit from the sale of a personal residence, whether “subject to” contracts are a good idea, whether a VA loan is better than a conventional mortgage and how to talk to a 93-year-old dad about his assets. For show notes and updates through the week, check out her blog at , and sign up for her free weekly newsletter on the home page. Check out the videos at And be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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