I’ve been talking about how to save money at the grocery store. Some of my suggestions include stretching milk with powdered milk and water, buying the 2-for-1 specials, buying meat and cheese in bulk or on the last day it’s good and then freezing half of what you make, buying at the low end of the food chain (beans, pasta, rice, etc.) and more.

Michael called in to say he buys cans of peas for 60 cents, and blends them with a little milk to create soup for two for about 30 to 35 cents each. He can stretch it further by making a large quantity of rice and adding the cooked/seasoned rice to the soup.

I suggested he might try buying a bag of dried peas and beans for about 70 cents, cooking it up with water and then blending it. You’ll wind up with soup for 6 to 10, which brings your cost per serving down to 7 to 10 cents each, depending on what you put into it.

Michael and I also agreed that you could do the same thing with a can of creamed corn (he blends and then makes corn bread to eat with it, or to break up and add to the soup.

Do you have money-saving suggestions for food and groceries? How much per serving do you estimate your recipe will cost?

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September 14, 2008