On the show this morning, we heard from Doug, who bought his house with an 80/20 loan (100 percent mortgage, no down payment) four years ago. He and his wife refinanced into a 5/1 a year ago and took out some cash.

He got lung cancer and fell 45 days behind his loan. he’s getting killed on the fees, which add up to $125 per month. What can he do?

Doug has a Countrywide loan. Countrywide was bought by Bank of America. And, BOA wants to help. If you are in trouble and have a BOA or Countrywide loan, call these numbers:

For Mortgage help call 1.800.846.2222

For Home Equity help call 1.800.451.6362

Here’s the page on the Bank Of America website to go for help: www.bankofamerica.com/loansandhomes/financial-difficulty/index.cfm?adlink=&statecheck=GA&cm_mmc=&cm_sp=&type=

Oct. 5, 2008.