Today on a special 3-hour edition of The Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce took calls and answered questions about the bailout/rescue package and how what is happening on Wall Street is filtering down to Main Street. She took calls from folks who have lost their jobs and can’t afford their mortgage payments; reverse mortgages; helped callers figure out who to call at their mortgage companies to get moving on a loan mitigation program; buyers who are purchasing foreclosures and are having trouble getting information; using IRA funds to pay off a mortgage or other debt; how to get a lender to do a short sale if you’re not behind in your loan; investments to make with cash on hand; how to sell an FSBO; how to buy and sell gold; and how to invest with less risk in the stock market. She also took plenty of calls on the $700/$800 billion bailout/rescue bill that passed Congress and was signed into law by President Bush this week. To find out more, tune into the show. For show notes and updates through the week, check out her blog at , and sign up for her free weekly newsletter on the home page. Check out the videos at And be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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