Here’s a question I received online during the show:

Dear Ilyce, I listen to you every Sunday without fail- I learn so much from you. Thank you so much for your great service.

Between myself and my son, we have 5 rental properties in Florida. We couldn’t sell them –so we are stuck and have to rent them. I heard that there are some soft-ware programs available, to manage the rentals. One of them -I heard -is:

Is this a good company, or are there any others which may be better ? Are they useful? Thanks Ilyce.—Bessie.

Here’s my answer:

Dear Bessie:

I don’t know about the rental pro software you mention. But I did test out a product from Quicken that I liked a lot for rental properties. I just wanted it to integrate with my Quicken or QuickBooks, which was an innovation that was supposed to happen this year, I think.

Quicken Rental Property Manager might be just the ticket. You can find more information at

Thanks again for listening. Ilyce

Oct. 12, 2008