Today on the Ilyce Glink Show, Ilyce updated listeners on this week’s developments in the financial crisis, including the $250 billion the U.S. Treasury is investing in banks around the country, of which $125 billion is being invested in the nine largest banks. She took a variety of calls, including one from Wes, who argued that the government is doing exactly the wrong thing and hasn’t learned a thing from the Great Depression (Ilyce said they’d have to respectfully disagree with each other). Charles called wondering whether he’d have to file for bankruptcy, and Chris said the Treasury Dept. wants to tap into his Social Security check to pay a deficiency judgment from a bad VA loan from 10 years ago. Dave called to ask about his car’s diminished value and Georgia law; several callers wondered if now was the time to refinance residential or commercial loans; Brian called about buying a bank-owned property at auction and what he needed to know about getting the taxes on the property reduced; Gary wondered if he should use his retirement cash (or what’s left of it) to pay off his mortgage; and, Ron wanted to know if he should do a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. To find out more, tune into the show. For show notes and updates through the week, check out her blog at , and sign up for her free weekly newsletter on the home page. Check out the videos at And be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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