This isn’t the year to be overspending on your holiday gifts. If you can, you should aim to spend as little as possible. I know that not spending in the retail stores won’t really help the economy, but it’s important to get your own budget in spending shape.

I suggested making holiday gifts this year. Or, take a photo and frame it for grandparents and parents or friends.

Pam called the show with a great suggestion. She just bought $25 restaurant coupons at for $2 each! We just used expiring miles to buy restaurant coupons there as well (so, no cash out of pocket and we wouldn’t have been able to get enough miles to matter).

Jan suggested making a contribution to the Heifer project. This program helps buy chickens, geese, cows, etc. for people in countries who don’t have anything. Find them online at Accion ( does something similar. It’s a microlending organization that uses your donations to lend money to people in the poorest communities to help them start up their own businesses.

What are your ideas for cheap but great Xmas gifts?

Published: Nov 9, 2008