A recent survey commissioned by AARP found that 79 percent of baby boomers want to stay in the home they are currently living in.

Less than 10 percent say they think they won’t be able to stay in their home.

Still 26 percent say they expect to move, likely to a single-level home for comfort or convenience. Of those planning to move, 59 percent say they expect to look for a home that’s all on one level. Fifty percent will look for a newer home and 49 percent will look for a smaller home.

Some interesting differences between baby boomer men and women:

  • Men are more likely to expect to move into a newer home (61 vs. 42 percent)

  • Men are more likely to expect to move to a warmer climate (41 vs. 25 percent)

  • Women are more likely to expect to move to a smaller home (54 vs. 41 percent)

I wonder if some of these gender differences stem from varying experiences in the working world. Women may be more accustomed to making do with less. I think that’s changing with the generations but baby boomers still seem to reflect these attitudes.

AARP and the National Association of Home Builders also announced some awards for building home that are modified for seniors. Some of the features they offer include wider doorways, slip-resistant floors, level door handles and dimmer light switches.

Several of the winners built green, sustainable features and made communities more desirable by including well-lit walkways and coffee houses. Those features likely appeal to multiple generations. It’s interesting how it’s no longer one size fits all as people age. That’s a good thing.

Nov. 25, 2008.