Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, where everyone goes back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday and begins shopping online (instead of working perhaps?). If you’re going to shop Cyber Monday, you’ll want to do some homework tonight and tomorrow before going nuts with your credit card.

About 84 percent of online retailers plan to hold major promotions for Cyber Monday, according to PC Week Magazine. Last year, some $733 million was spent on Cyber Monday. This year, the number is expected to rise.

Many sites are offering free shipping. Loads of sites also offer discount coupons online (so, google the name of the store and coupons to find out where you can get coupon codes). If you’re looking for technology, or anything, you’ll want to check out the following:

Cyber Monday sites
Technology Sites
Deal Aggregator sites
Individual store sites.

Be sure to read all of the details at individual sites so you know the RETURN RULES before you hit “purchase.” Here are some sites you might find valuable:
Black Friday 2008
Ben’s Bargains

Nov. 30, 2008.