To all of you who, like me, are mourning the untimely passing of Mike Kavanagh…. This is one of my favorite “Mike” stories… Mike was on me for years about quitting smoking. He fussed at me constantly. For Christmas 2005, Mike gave me the “Smoke Away” stop smoking system to help me quit. He said I had to quit for my family and my health. He made sure I knew that he didn’t get the kit as a “freebie” from a sponsor or prospective advertiser, but that he went online and paid $129.00 for entire system because he was so worried about me. The kit contained all kinds of herbal supplements and those herbs were supposed to curb your appetite for nicotine. Anyway, I tried the kit and it didn’t work. BUT… I was so touched that Mike cared that much… I quit “cold turkey”. I admired and respected him tremendously so I couldn’t disappoint him. I quit smoking in February of 2006 and have never gone back. I really loved Mike so much and he was truly one of the finest people I have ever known. I just can’t believe he’s gone. I’m truly heart-broken and don’t know if I’ll ever stop crying. I was truly blessed to know Mike Kavanagh.

From a regular listener of my show and Mike’s:

I would call in today but I am too emotional at this soulful time. I will miss him dearly.