I’m sorry to report that my friend and colleague from WSB Radio, Mike Kavanagh, passed away suddenly at the age of 57. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Mike was the voice of WSB in Atlanta for decades. He hosted Atlanta’s Evening News with Lisa Campbell for years, and hosted one of the longest-running financial radio programs, “Money Matters,” which aired just before my own Sunday morning shows.

I will miss him very much, and send my condolences to his beloved wife, Grace, and his daughter and granddaughter. You can read about Mike on the WSB home page www.wsbradio.com. Mike also had a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/s.php?k=100000080&id=1325375352&sid=40954cedf74cd2fbd840db72d50ad673.

Today, we’ll start the show with a few words about Mike, and if anyone wants to talk about Mike, you can call us at 404-872-0750.

Dec. 7, 2008