Brian has a home in a gated community in Signal Mountain, TN. He hasn’t had a lot of luck marketing the home (could be the location, price or condition — or it could be that a lot of people aren’t buying 2nd homes at the moment).

But he’s interested in some more sophisticated online marketing techniques. If you’re a Realtor, how would you market his home? What advice would you give him about choosing an agent who could implement some of the more sophisticated online marketing techniques?

I suggested the following:

Do a video of the home, upload to YouTube,, Yahoo Real Estate, Google real estate, and about 20 other sites. Email to everyone.
Create a separate website for the property (distinct from the listing)
Create an account at Zillow, Craig’s List and other websites
Consider signing up with a for sale by owner website.

What else would work?

Published: Dec 21, 2008