I mentioned on the air this morning that this will likely be my last week hosting Money Matters in this time. Lucius responded with these thoughts:

Thank you for covering the Money Matters Show the last few weeks. I certainly appreciate you stepping in to assist in Mike Kavanagh’s absence.

I heard you mention that today may be the last day for Money Matters. I realize there are many considerations involved in deciding whether to continue the Money Matters show.

If you have any input with WSB about continuing the show please vote yes to continue. Nobody can replace Mike but there is a need for a program like Money Matters. The other financial shows available do not cover the same topics in same down to earth, easy to understand manner.

We will all miss Mike. I think continuing the show in some manner such as guest hosts or some other means would be a true tribute to the man we miss so much.

Thanks, Lucius

Dec. 21, 2008.