Here are some additional resources for annuities:

Here are some resources to help you figure out whether you should invest in annuities, and if so, how:

Provides instant quotes for monthly payouts from immediate fixed annuities.

Provides an explanation of different types of annuities and sends quotes for immediate annuities by email or telephone.

Answers nuts and bolts questions about immediate fixed annuities, including questions about taxes. You can’t use the online shopping service unless you employer has paid a fee.

Variable Annuities: What You Should Know – a publication on the Security and Exchange Commission’s Web site that outlines the pros and cons of variable annuities.


Consumer alert – on annuities and older investors from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that describes types of annuities, ways to figure out whether annuities are right for you, strategies for understanding the product you are buying and a warning about deceptive sales practices.

March 2, 2009