Happy New Year from the Ilyce Glink Show! To start off 2010, Ilyce invited three special guests could give financial insight to our listeners for the new year. Sam Wyly, a graduate of the University of Michigan Business School, became a millionaire by age 30 and is now a self-made billionaire. We had a great conversation about his book 1,000 Dollars & An Idea. Ilyce talked with resume whiz Liz Handlin, CEO of Ultimate Resumes LLC about how listeners can improve their resume for the new year. Ilyce also talked with Ricky Novak, President of Strategic 1031 Exchange Advisors, a top-rated exchange company based in Atlanta. Ricky will be on a panel for our March 27, 2010 How To Invest in 2010 event. Listen to the full show here, or download from iTunes. Check Ilyce’s blog for more show notes and helpful links.


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