Sean Moffett and Steve Ely join Ilyce to discuss business trends and hot topics in credit on the Ilyce Glink Show on August 18, 2013 on WSB Radio.

Ilyce’s show always contains various forms of personal finance advice but she has invited two intelligent and engaged professionals to talk about business development, credit and today’s economy.

These two experts have strong opinions regarding certain issues Americans are facing:

Sean Moffett – Founder/CEO – The Moffett Company

Large sales organizations, international charitable organizations, small business, and the top post secondary institutions have all commissioned Sean to engage their teams and executives to grow and develop their sales acumen in the new economy. Whether it is custom training development, delivery of The Moffett Company’s proven 3E training models, key note address, or team development SeanMoffett provides dynamic and inspirational training that sticks.

For the more personal training experience Sean works with business executives, professional athletes, artists, and community & civic leaders to ensure they are at their best and brightest at all times. His inspirational hands-on approach to mentoring strengthens, grows, develops, and expands the depth of all who work with him. As a highly sought after mentor Sean brings others to the top and helps “step up their game.”

Sean was recently named the Top Sales Expert on Twitter and in the past year has developed a Social Media Empire with millions of networking connections on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+. He also hosts a weekly, one hour, call-in radio show on the Lifestyle Radio Network in New York, NY. Sales, Business, and the use of Social Media is the focus of the show. Topics include how to excel in social media, why social media is the only way to grow your business today, and how to monetize your social media platforms for business success. Callers and listeners are lead through the do’s and don’ts of sales, business, and social media today to provide success on all levels.

To learn more about Sean and his work, go to:

Find Sean on Twitter @TheSeanMoffett

Steve Ely – CEO – eCredable

Steve is the CEO of eCredable, an alternative credit reporting agency. He joined the team in January of 2011, and is helping to shape the direction of the company.  After leading the direct-to-consumer business at Equifax for 5 years, he understands the consumer credit industry from both sides of the table. Consumers want access to credit at good rates – businesses want customers who are credit worthy. He’s passionate about helping consumers who aren’t part of the traditional credit system get the credit they deserve.

To learn more about Steve and his work, go to:

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WSB Radio’s Ilyce Glink Show – August 18, 2013

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