It’s been a busy week over here at Think Glink. From the year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and learning how to buy a hurricane-damaged home to scary movie homes with big roles, a lot has been going on in the news.

Here’s a roundup of my top stories this week:

You may not believe it, but getting a deal on one item could actually cost you more money on your overall shopping trip, and when it comes to shopping with others, it appears that it’s men who have the spending problem, not women.


If you’re refinancing a home loan, a past foreclosure can complicate the refinance process, so talk with several lenders before moving forward.

It can be difficult to get a second mortgage or small loan if you’re retired, but a local lender might be more willing to help than a big bank.

Understanding how mortgage prepayment works is key to paying off your mortgage early, but it can be confusing. Here’s what you should know about mortgage prepayment.

A new study has outlined the top 10 kitchen design trends people are interested in, but don’t forget about adding value when remodeling.One not included: remodeling an underground bathroom and turning it into a home, but that’s whatBritish architect Laura Jane Clark did.

When you think of rapper Vanilla Ice, I bet the words “house flipper” are not the first that come to your mind. Turns out he has quite the real estate business going on. Speaking of celebrities, Ivanka Trump and husband are expecting to move into and sell several newly remodeled luxury (think $20 million) penthouses in NYC.

Finally, want to know what microwaves looked like 58 years ago? I’ll give you a hint: BIG.

Have a great weekend.