Why are Millennials more confident than other generations that they’ll reach their financial goals?

Why are house payments more affordable than fair market rents in 76 percent of U.S. housing markets?

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The Ilyce Glink Show- April 22, 2015.

This week I talk to four guests: Chantel Bonneau, a wealth management advisor at Northwestern Mutual; Daren Blomquist, Vice President at RealtyTrac; Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst for Bankrate; and Jeff Ball, President and CEO of private money lender Visio Financial Services.

More About This Show

Survey Shows Millennials Are Optimistic About Their Financial Goals: [3:04]
Millennials appear to have a good handle on their financial goals and are hopeful that they will achieve them, according to Northwestern Mutual’s 2015 Planning and Progress Study on Millennials and Money. I talk to Chantel Bonneau about what this study revealed.

It’s Cheaper to Own Than to Rent in Three Quarters of U.S. Counties: [14:22]
Fair market rents on three bedroom homes are more expensive than monthly payments on a median-priced home in the vast majority of U.S. counties. This is according to RealtyTrac’s Residential Rental Property Analysis for properties purchased in the first quarter of 2015. I have Daren Blomquist on the show to talk more about this.

What To Do When HELOCs Reset and Break Your Budget: [21:50]
I recently talked about the impending financial strain for homeowners who took out a home equity line of credit during the height of the real estate bubble. Those loans are about to reset with much higher payments, which could lead to defaults for anyone who hasn’t been able to budget ahead. Greg McBride is here with tips on what to do if resetting HELOC payments are about to break your budget.

How Can Private Money Lending Work for Real Estate Investors? [28:26]
The hard money lending industry has evolved to meet the needs of real estate investors in today’s post-bubble marketplace. How? I have Jeff Ball on the show to answer that question. He’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of seeking out this type of loan.

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