What are the considerations that go into finding property when you’ve just won eight business licenses to legally grow marijuana?

Why did U.S. construction spending drop in March?

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The Ilyce Glink Show- May 6, 2015.

This week I talk to three guests: Rob Dietz, economist at the National Association of Home Builders; Jerry Ascencio, former president of NAHREP; and Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech.

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Multifamily Outperforming Private Single Family Construction: [5:15]
The National Association of Home Builders announced that month-over-month construction spending dropped for both private single-family and multifamily homes in March. The data also revealed that year-over-year the pace of both types of construction have increased and that, within that trend, the increase in multifamily construction spending is outpacing single-family by about 3 to 1. I have Rob Dietz on the show to talk more about this.

NAHREP Foundation Aims to Push Hispanic Homeownership Above 50%: [17:15]
The NAHREP Foundation arm recently unveiled “The Hispanic Wealth Project,” with the objective of increasing wealth and homeownership levels in the Hispanic community. The objective is to triple total household wealth, which currently stands at about one tenth of the household wealth for non-Hispanic White Americans. As a part of that objective, the NAHREP Foundation hopes to push Hispanic homeownership above 50% so that the average Hispanic family owns a home.  I have Gerardo “Jerry” Ascencio on the show today to talk more about this.

Real Estate Investing for Marijuana Businesses: [24:36]
A changing legal paradigm for marijuana in the U.S. is leading licensed businesses to seek out property where they can grow and sell weed. Terra Tech, which sells marijuana growing equipment, as well as the plant and derivative products, just obtained eight licenses to operate in Nevada, where medical marijuana is legal. I have Derek Peterson on the show today to talk about the challenges businesses face searching for warehouse and retail space in states with relaxed marijuana laws.

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